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Hi, I’m Ariane.

I’m the Editorial Products lead at Taboola, where my group makes real-time analytics, A/B testing and data exploration tools for newsrooms around the world.

Previously, I was a content strategist and editor on the Digital Platforms team — the editorial product owner team — at The New York Times. I worked on projects to enable smarter and more personalized content discovery on the CMS side, and was the lead editorial stakeholder to our Web product engineering team and prior to this, the WordPress team.
Before switching to the development side of, I was the senior staff editor in charge of the Global Edition, and before this, a homepage producer.

Things I like: rich structured data, platform-agnostic CMSs, good UIs and creating Slack emojis.

Outside of work, I like art museums, achieving inbox zero, and radishes.

I grew up in Paris, France, where I started my career at The Times, and graduated from Cornell University.


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